Moving Sites to a New Cloud Data Center

Moving sites to new data centers or a new location in MODX Cloud can put your content closer to your visitors. This often results in shorter page load times which Google says they love. This document is a short checklist version of a more detailed process

You can create or move sites to any data center location in MODX Cloud, including Sydney, Texas, London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

Currently we do not have a way to move a custom domain Add-on for Production Clouds between data centers, so there will be a small pro-rated charge associated with the move. The bonus, though, is that site moves should happen without downtime.

Before initiating a move, make sure to lock down your site with a content freeze:

  1. Create a new Cloud in the same version that currently runs your site in your new desired location
  2. Take a Backup of the current Cloud, or if no changes have occurred, use last night’s Backup
  3. Restore the Backup into the new Cloud created in step 1
  4. Copy the Robots and Web Rules configurations from the source to the new Cloud
  5. Add the domain names to the new Cloud
  6. Move any custom SSL certs to the new location:
  7. Test the new location with the domain name and a custom hosts file entry as needed (don’t forget to revert when you're done!):
  8. Update your DNS A Record for the domain to point to the IP address of the new Cloud
  9. Re-add any Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates once your DNS has propagated if needed. Check that here:
  10. Remove and cancel the domain in the original location

That’s it. You can now resume normal content editing.

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