Replace a Custom SSL Cert with Let’s Encrypt

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Currently, the only way to transition from a custom SSL certificate to a Let’s Encrypt certificate is to first delete the custom one, then install Let’s Encrypt. 

Before Adding Let's Encrypt

In order to successfully add Let's Encrypt to MODX Cloud, you should review DNS records for the domains for the cloud to make sure they do not have any AAAA (IPv6) records. If they do, please remove them all or Let's Encrypt installation will fail in MODX Cloud.

Typically AAAA records set up at your registrar or DNS provider are pointed at other hosts. Let's Encrypt prioritizes AAAA records above IPv4 and will assume that the domains do not resolve to this server.

Replacing SSL Certificates with Let’s Encrypt

You should expect a few minutes of your site not being served via HTTPS during this time, so you may want to schedule it for a period of low traffic. If this is not acceptable, you’ll need to renew and update your current SSL certificate:

  1. Click the button to delete the current SSL certificate 
  2. Refresh your browser window after a few seconds until it shows the option to install Let’s Encrypt
  3. Click the “Install a Free Let’s Encrypt Certificate” button
  4. If you see a notice about domains or subdomains not covered by the certificate (see Limitations), you can acknowledge to proceed or exit to correct any issues.  
  5. Click the “Install” button, and wait about one minute for the process to complete.

Enjoy never having to worry about renewing your SSL certificates again.


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