Manage Account Users

Add and Remove People to Your Account.

You can add, remove or edit the Users whom you've invited to your Account. Navigate to the Account Edit Page and click the "Users" tab.

Give Users Access to Your Account


Select the "Users" tab to manage your users with access to your account..


To add a new user, click on the "Add New User" button. In the resulting pop-up, enter a Username and select a Role, then click the "Add User" button. You can use and existing MODX Cloud username if the new user already has their own account or it will send an invite to create a new user.

About the Roles

The Owner user role has access to all permissions, including Billing and Account Information. Manager users cannot access Account Information, but can do everything else, including creating and deleting Clouds, Backups, etc. Member users can only edit existing Clouds and cannot do anything relating to billing.

Ensure you're providing the permissions you want the invitee to have.

Remove or Edit Users

  1. To delete a User, simply right click on their name in the data-grid and click "Delete". You can re-invite them at any time. manage-users-delete

  2. To edit a User, double-click on their name in the data-grid. You can only edit their email address or change their role, then clicking the "Edit User" button to save the changes. manage-users-edit

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