phpMyAdmin temporarily unavailable for for Auto-Install on paas3.tx

Customers who were migrated to the the new paas3.tx (Texas 3) platform (on September 9, 2021) will find that it is not currently possible to use the install/uninstall of phpMyAdmin from the MODX Cloud dashboard at this time. This is temporary and we plan to have this implemented shortly. 

How Do I Manage My Databases Then?

In the interim, there are two ways to manage your databases without using phpMyAdmin for your sites on paas3.tx: 

  1. Use a remote database management desktop tool such as HeidiSQL or SequelAce (Mac). 
  2. Install the single file PHP tool, Adminer.php. You can use the instructions below to install it. 

Installing and Using Adminer

Adminer can be installed two ways. First, you can download the file from the Adminer website, upload it to your site via SFTP and follow the instructions for configuration. Second, you can use SSH to access your site and from the www directory you can run the following command: 


In either case, once you have the file on your site. You can then view the file from your browser and follow instructions to connect to the database. 

Final Advice

We strongly recommend not leaving Adminer or phpMyAdmin on your server indefinitely. While these provide convenient access to the tools, if they are not kept up to date, they can become a vector for automated compromise as they can be used to alter your database. 

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