Groups: Organizing Cloud Instances

Keeping Things Tidy Using Groups in MODX Cloud

Groups help you organize your Clouds and control access to who can manage Clouds within specific Groups.

A Cloud can belong to more than one Group.

Groups can be created inside other Groups; these Sub-groups can be nested as deeply as you like.


Create a Group


The Create New Group dialog can be accessed from various places in the Dashboard UI.

  1. From your main Clouds page, click on the create a new one or add group button.

  2. Click on the + button in an Add to Group dialog.

  3. Click the add sub group button on a Group page

  4. Give your Group a name and a description. Optionally add members to this Group to make it a private Group. Click Create New Group and you're done!


View and Update a Group


Top level Groups are displayed in the Your Groups section of the Clouds page. Each Group is shown as a box containing a summary of Clouds in that Group. You can view a Group by clicking on the top of it's box.

Each Group page will display any Sub-groups that you have created plus any Clouds that have been assigned to the Group. Using the Group page to view and manage Sub-groups and Clouds is just like using your main Clouds page.


Edit the name and description of a Group by clicking the Edit button in the header.


Add an Existing Cloud to a Group


There are several convenient places within the Dashboard UI to add an existing Cloud to a Group.

  1. Add a Cloud to a Group in either manner below:

    • From the Clouds grid, right-click on the Cloud name or click the gear icon for the Cloud and choose Add to Group

    • From the Groups tab of the Cloud Edit page. Click Add to Group

  2. The Add to Group dialog will appear. Choose a Group from the drop-down or click the + button to create a new Group.

  3. Click the Add to Group button and you're done! If you're on the Groups tab of an Edit Cloud page, you'll see the new Group assignment right away.


Add a New Cloud to a Group


Hover over the + icon of a Group in a Group list to reveal the Add Cloud Here button. This button will take you to the New Cloud page, with the group pre-selected.


Remove a Cloud from a Group


  1. Clouds can be conveniently removed from Groups in two places in the Dashboard UI.

    • From the Groups tab of the Cloud Edit page, view the list of Groups to which this Cloud belongs.

    • Right-click on the name of the Group that you wish to remove this Cloud from, and click Remove From Group

    • Or, from a Group page, right click on the Cloud you wish to remove and click Remove From Group

  2. The Remove From Group dialog will appear to confirm that you want to do this. Click the Remove From Group button to continue. You will briefly see a progress indicator and, when complete, the Group will be unassigned and the grid will be refreshed.

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