Managing Your Database with phpMyAdmin

To manage your database from the MODX Cloud dashboard, including being able to create, edit and export records, you can install phpMyAdmin from the MODX Cloud Dashboard for any Instance.

Install phpMyAdmin

If you just need to quickly edit or view your MODX Cloud database or you do not wish to use a desktop remote database tool, you can install phpMyAdmin. It is one of the most well known database management tools and is used on most hosting platforms.

  1. From the Clouds page of the MODX Cloud Dashboard, locate the Cloud you'd like to download the backup for, and click on its name from the list to manage it.

  2. On the Cloud Edit Page, select "Install phpMyAdmin" from the list of options in the right sidebar.

  3. phpmyadmin-2

    A pop-up will appear and display an automatically generated folder into which phpMyAdmin will be installed. You may customize the name of the folder into which phpMyAdmin will be installed. For security reasons, we disallow the use of common names for the phpMyAdmin Directory. Whether you use the generated location or a custom name, this directory will be relative to the site root. Eg.

    Click the button Install phpMyAdmin and the process will begin. After a few moments, a notification will arrive via email and in the Dashboard's Notifications area, which will contain credentials for logging into phpMyAdmin.

  4. To access phpMyAdmin, you can click the Open phpMyAdmin button at the top right of the MySQL section of the Cloud Edit page or copy and bookmark the URL in your web browser.


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