Private Servers for Unlimited Resources

Some sites require more resources to meet processing or visitor traffic loads than can be delivered on the standard multi-tenant platform. Examples would include festivals or fairs that see millions of visitors in less than a month, or mission critical websites that must survive data center maintenance without going offline.

In these cases, a dedicated environment with multiple servers may make sense. These work exactly like MODX Cloud, but puts one or more servers, tailored exactly to your site and traffic requirements into your MODX Cloud dashboard. You, and only the people you share access to these environments with, can access your Private Servers.

Private Servers address a variety of use cases:

  • High availability websites running in multiple data centers
  • Geo-balancing visitors to servers located around the world
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Location requirements in specific regions not currently served by MODX Cloud
  • Customized software configurations not possible in multi-tenant environments

Private server upgrades to your MODX Cloud account require being on a Studio or higher plan and start around $400 USD per month. To find out if they are right for you, please email sales to discuss your need.

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