Using Office 365 for Sending Email

Configure MODX to use your Office365 account

Using a “service” email address (e.g., or an employee email at Office365 allows you to use your existing mail servers for more reliable email sending. If you use Office365, you should already have an SPF record configured properly, a key to ensuring people receive important messages.

Before starting, you need an activated Office365 email account through which MODX can send transactional email like contact form submission notices and password resets:

  1. Login into the MODX Manager of the website you intend to set up to send emails with Office365.

  2. Find System Settings

    At the top right of the MODX Manager, click/hover on the cog icon to reveal the menu.

  3. Click on System Settings

    From the cog menu, click on System Settings and you'll be taken to a page with a grid of various settings and their values.

  4. Enter SMTP into the Search by key field.

    In the field at the top right of the grid that has the placeholder text of Search by key… enter "SMTP" (without the quotation marks) as this will filter all the settings you need.

  5. Complete the setup of your SMTP settings as follows. Make sure to press the tab key after changing each field to remove the small red triangle in the upper right of each field indicating a setting has been updated:

    • SMTP Authentication = Yes
    • SMTP Hosts =
    • SMTP Password = your email password
    • SMTP Port = 587
    • SMTP Connection Prefix = tls
    • SMTP User = your full email address
    • Use SMTP = Yes

Once you have completed the above configuration, your transactional emails should go through your Office365 server. 


To test, reset the password of a user which you have access to their email inbox, preferably not the same user as the one you configured above. You should see the password reset in the inbox of the user for which you did the test password reset. However, due to how Exchange works, you will not see sent messages in the Sent Items folder for the account you configured above.  


If you are running into problems getting this working in MODX, see our guide to Troubleshooting Email Delivery for more information.


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