Users and Accounts

Your MODX Cloud Account can contain a limitless number of Clouds. You can also invite other Users to collaborate on projects in your Account, and the Owner of another Account can invite you to be a Member of their Account.
Account Plan
Your Account's Plan is your starting point to ensure you're getting the features and pricing that are right for you. Your Account Plan can be upgraded or downgraded as your needs change.
A registered User of MODX Cloud, with the ability to manage their own Account and any Account to which they're invited as a User.
A User with access to an Account, but with limited permissions.
A monthly or yearly recurring payment for the Account Plan plus all of the Clouds and Add-ons in an Account.

MODX Cloud Technology

A single instance of either an installation of MODX Revolution (MODX Cloud) or other web applications (Flex Cloud), in an optimized environment.
Cloud URL
The unique subdomain assigned to a particular Cloud, and the URL by which it can be accessed on the open web.
A copy of all the files in the public web directory of your Cloud, and a copy of its database. Backups can only be restored to the same origin Cloud from which it was created.
A copy of all or part of a MODX website taken from one Cloud. Contains data and files and can be injected into any other Cloud.
Snapshot Template
(Snapshot Types) Defines what parts of the site will be copied into the Snapshot.
Includes the disk space taken up by MODX instances in your Clouds, plus the secure storage of all your Snapshots and Backups.
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