Get to Know the Dashboard

Your MODX Cloud Dashboard

  1. When you first login, the MODX Cloud Dashboard displays top-level navigation to the most important areas of the site, as well as highlights your "FAVORITE" Clouds. Clouds can be marked as "FAVORITES" on the Cloud Edit Page.

    On the lower portion of the screen, you'll see your latest "ACTIVITY" and a MODX "NEWS" feed.

  2. Click on the "Clouds" icon in the main menu to view the Clouds Page.

    Here you will find a data-grid listing of all your "CLOUDS", as well as information about "YOUR GROUPS". Read this to find out more about using Groups.

  3. Clicking on the name of a Cloud takes you to that Cloud's Cloud Edit Page, where you can manage all aspects of your Cloud.

  4. Click on the "Vault" icon in the main menu to manage your Snapshots and Backups.

    For more information on Snapshots, visit this page. To learn about the wonder of one-click Cloud Backups and Restore, go here.

  5. Visit the MODX Cloud Market by clicking the "Market" icon in the main menu.

    This is where you can monetize your Snapshots by uploading them for public release.

  6. Last but not least, click on your Account Name in the top-left corner of the Dashboard screen to manage your Account.

    For more information on managing your Account, read up on Account Management.

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