Flex Clouds: Overview

The Ultra-Flexible Platform for when Revo Doesn’t Fit

Flex Clouds are perfect for when you need a place to put a project you’re planning to migrate to Revo, for installing utility apps like Piwik analytics, or for when your client forces you to use an infinitely inferior or grossly overly complex alternative CMS. ;)

This section of documentation covers tools and installing other apps, even our own classic codebase MODX Evolution, in Flex Cloud instances.

Flex Cloud instances give you access to all the Cloud Tools that work for MODX Revolution, including access to the filesystem above webroot for installing frameworks like Slim and Laravel, a highly tuned nginx web server, and an empty database instance. Automatic offsite backups occur every night, and we store them for 7 days on a rolling basis. You can even install MODX Revolution manually in a Flex Cloud, but you will not have access to Snapshots and workflow tools unique to MODX Revolution. This section of the User Guide covers:



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