Install MODX Evolution

Hello Old Friend, Welcome to the Flex Cloud

  1. ssh into your Cloud instance

  2. Download the latest version of the Evo installer:

    cd www
    curl -J -L -o ./
  3. Extract it and set up the config file:

    mv evo*/* .
    mv manager/includes/ manager/includes/ 
  4. Open your web browser to your site install folder on your MODX website. For example,, where "example" is the name of your website, and follow the prompts on screen.

  5. For the database, use your database credentials from your Cloud Dashboard. For the database connection method, choose the set names option et viola!

  6. After you confirm a successful install, clean up some un-needed things:

    rm ht.access
    rm sample-robots.txt
    rm -rf evo*

Friendly URLs will work out of the box in MODX Cloud, but you must enable them in the MODX Evolution Configuration settings.

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