Exporting a Website from MODX Cloud

Moving Sites to Other Servers or Saving Backups Locally

MODX Cloud is designed to make your life as a site owner or developer easier. Exporting sites to host on another platform or to keep an offsite backup are two very good reasons. So we've made it incredibly easy to do.

Easy Exports: Downloading a Backup

The simplest way to export your MODX Cloud is to download a backup of your Cloud. Backups are zipped archives of the entire Cloud and all the it's files, images and etc, along with a backup of the database. Follow the directions for downloading a backup.

Manual Export via SSH or SFTP

It is possible to export a site via SSH or SFTP and using a remote database tool or phpMyAdmin.

  1. Login to your Cloud via SSH or using your SFTP client. See instructions.
  2. Select or zip the files to download and copy to your local computer.
  3. Install or set up phpMyAdmin or a database tool. See instructions.
  4. Export your site's database using your database tool or phpMyAdmin's Export window.

Moving Sites to Another Web Host or Local Environment

Sometimes it is necessary to move your website to another host or a developer might need a local copy to work on. The following links will help get the site set up in the new environment.

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