Download a Backup

A backup is a complete archive of all your site files and the data that can be restored inside an individual Cloud. All Clouds at MODX Cloud are backed up daily and stored for seven days. You can download backups for safe keeping or use it to move to another host. For information on manually creating backups, please see Create a New Backup.

  1. From the Clouds page of the MODX Cloud Dashboard, locate the Cloud you'd like to download the backup for, and click on its name from the list to manage it.
  2. backup-download-2

    On the Cloud Edit page locate the Backups tab near the top of the page, below the main Cloud information bar.

  3. backup-download-3

    From the list of backups, locate the backup you would like to download, and click the cog icon at the right to show the action menu. Click Download.

  4. backup-download-4

    From the dialog box that opens, click (or right-click to copy) the link download your Cloud backup archive to download the gzipped archive of your site files and data. The link will expire after 10 minutes.

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