Create a New Cloud

Create a New Empty MODX or Flex Cloud

All Clouds include PHP, a MySQL database, sFTP and a command line environment (including cron) available via SSH.

  1. Click any of the following buttons to get started:

    New Cloud at the top of any Dashboard page

    Screen_Shot_2021-10-14_at_4.27.55_PM.pngAdd Cloud Here from any Cloud Group


    Add New Cloud above any list of Clouds



  2. Select your Cloud Type. For MODX Clouds, MODX Revolution will be installed and your Cloud will contain special MODX-only features like easy upgrades and Snapshots. Flex Clouds do not come with any pre-installed software other than an empty database.

  3. Complete the New Cloud form:

    1. Enter a Name for the Cloud. This name identifies the Cloud in the Dashboard and notifications.

    2. A Host Name will be automatically suggested as you type its name, but you can modify it as needed. The Host Name forms part of the full URL for your new Cloud. For example, http://{host name}.{account name}

    3. The Location of your new Cloud is pre-selected for you, but you can change this to have your new Cloud served from somewhere else in the world.

    4. For MODX, the latest stable release is selected by default. Should you wish to install a different version, click the "change version" link.


      If you need to import a site running on an older version of MODX into a new MODX Cloud instance, make sure to create it with the same version of MODX as the source site.


    5. The new Cloud will be assigned to your default Group. If you clicked Add Cloud from a Group, then that Group will be selected. You can click the "change group" link to choose a different one.

  4. Click the Complete Cloud Creation button.

    When your Cloud is ready, you will receive a notification by email, as well as in your account's Notifications. If your new Cloud is MODX, this notification will contain credentials for logging into the MODX Manager.

Create a New Cloud from a Snapshot

  1. Find the Snapshot you wish to create a new Cloud from. Click the Snapshots link at the top of the dashboard to see all of your Snapshots. Snapshots of specific Clouds are also listed on the Snapshots tab of the Cloud itself.


  2. Click Create New Cloud From SnapshotScreen_Shot_2021-10-14_at_5.01.59_PM.png

  3. Follow the same instructions from above for creating a new empty Cloud. The MODX version should be pre-selected to match the version from your Snapshot.

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