Manage Your Clouds

Manage Your Clouds

View a list of the Clouds in your account by clicking Clouds from the Dashboard Navigation Bar. Edit a Cloud by clicking on it's name (or selecting Edit Cloud from the quick-menu).

Manage Your Clouds

Cloud Edit View

You are now in the Cloud Edit View which gives you access to information and functions for managing this particular Cloud.

Manage Your Clouds

Underneath the MODX Cloud masthead, you will see an Overview Panel for your cloud.

  • The Plan for this Cloud
  • The Cloud Address (the MODX Cloud URL for your Cloud)
  • The Web Address (the full custom URL you've made for this Cloud)
  • The MODX Version of this Cloud
  • Optionally, a link to initiate upgrading the MODX Version
  • A View Site link to take you to the public front end of this Cloud
  • A View Manager link to take you to the Manager login page of this Cloud
  • An indicator (star) to show if this Cloud is Favorited

The first tab underneath the Overview Panel contains Summary information about this Cloud.

What is the Preferred URL?

The Preferred URL is used to build links to your Cloud from the Dashboard (e.g. the View Site and View Manager links). You can choose your preference from the list of domains associated with your Cloud.

To update the Cloud's Name, Description or Preferred URL:

  1. Edit the Name, Description and/or Preferred URL fields.

  2. Click Save

    A progress indicator will appear, then go away once the change has been successfully applied.

The Summary tab also contains:

  • Cloud Address
  • Web Address
  • Version
  • Location
  • Plan
  • Purchased On
  • SSH/SFTP Connection Information (Host Name, Username, Password)

From the Snapshots tab, you can create a new Snapshot, import a Snapshot, and filter and search through your Snapshots for this Cloud. Read more documentation on Snapshots.

From the Backups tab, you can create a new Backup, filter and search through this Cloud's stored Backups. Read more documentation on Backups.

The Domains tab is where you manage the Domains and Subdomains attached to the Cloud you're editing.

To add a Subdomain to a Domain:

  1. Click on the Domain that you want to add a Subdomain for. The Subdomain grid will refresh.

    Manage Your Clouds
  2. Click Create Subdomain.

  3. Fill in the hostname and TTL for your new subdomain.

    Manage Your Clouds
  4. Click Create Subdomain to continue, or Cancel.

    Your new Subdomain will be added to the grid.

From the Groups tab, you can manage the Groups that this Cloud is in. Read more on Organizing Clouds with Groups.


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