Switch Accounts

Collaborating in MODX Cloud with Other Accounts

MODX Cloud allows your user to be a member of multiple accounts. This is useful to help clients and less technical users with day-to-day updates and development, without having to be financially responsible for all the projects on which you work, or to set up multiple payment methods and subscription renewal dates for different projects or accounts you own.

If you are an owner or manager of an account, you can also invite others to collaborate with you on projects.

Switch Between Accounts

Once you login to the MODX Cloud Dashboard, the current account you are logged into is displayed in the top navigation. Click on the small arrow beside this to see the the accounts you can switch to.

To switch to a different account, click the name of the alternate account.

You can only view the Clouds in a single account, one at a time. There is no cross-account view of all Clouds to which you may have access.

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