View, print and download invoices

The MODX Cloud billing platform provides a central place to review your previous invoices from inside the MODX Cloud Dashboard, to print copies of receipts for accounting, or to download a copy to email to your bookkeeper.

Your subscription invoices are consolidated for everything in your account, and provide line-item details that make up your total invoice billing details.

If you have metered items on your invoice, and you go over in one month, your next invoice will reflect any charges for exceeding the plan-level limits.

  1. Navigate to the Account Edit Page and click the "Invoices" tab.
  2. To review an invoice, click it to review it in your browser.
  3. To print a copy of the invoice, print the page directly from the browser.
  4. To download a PDF copy of the invoice, print to PDF using your native operating system print functionality.
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