Add a MODX Manager User

The users in MODX Cloud, are separate from any users for software installed in a MODX Cloud instance. If you are running MODX Revolution, you can use the Create Admin User function to add a Manager user to a MODX Cloud instance.

  1. Login to your MODX Cloud Dasbhoard
  2. Find the instance to which you’d like to add a user in the list of Cloud instances
  3. Click on it to bring up the Cloud Edit view
  4. In the right column, about half way down, click the Create Admin User link and follow the prompts in the modal

This will email the user and the Site Owner members of your MODX Cloud account. You will be responsible for securely communicating the password of the user for whom you created the Manager login.

You can also create a user from the MODX Revolution manager, by following this guide.

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