Creating a Revolution Manager Admin from within the Manager

This is an alternative way to create a user for MODX Revolution. To create a user from the MODX Cloud Dashboard click here.

 Log into your MODX Revolution Manager:

Using your manager username and password log into your manager user.

Open up the user management page:

Click on Manage and then Users in order to manage your users.


Once there click on the New User button.

Create the user:

Fill out the information you have, where email and username are required as well as the active checkbox.

In order to create a user with full permission on the Manager, make sure you check the sudo checkbox on the top right.

When you'r finished click save and an email should be sent to the new user for them to activate the user.

At times, the email can end up in spam, which can be prevented by setting up SMTP and editing your SPF records.

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