Switching or Changing PHP Versions in Clouds

It is possible to change the version of PHP your Cloud instance between PHP 7.1.x, 7.2.x and 7.3.x—typically the latest releases of each. 

Please note: some Extras and other software may not work with the latest version of PHP. 

To change the version of PHP your Cloud instance is using:

  1. Find the Cloud you would like to change the PHP version for in the Clouds list view of the Dashboard. 
  2. Click on the Cloud’s name to open to the Cloud edit view. 
  3. At the top of the Web Server tab, you will see the PHP Version section.
  4. Choose the minor version (7.x) to enable the PHP version change.
  5. Click to confirm the change in the confirmation dialogue box.  

PHP version changes typically take a minute or less to take effect but please allow for up to 5 minutes. If you have issues with changing versions, please open a ticket and let us know the internal URL of the site that is experiencing issues.

PHP Patch Version Policy

MODX Cloud generally has the latest patched version of PHP available upon release. However, if a patch release (the “x” in 7.2.x) does not contain changes that impact the Cloud platform, that version may be skipped. Examples of skipped patch releases include unsupported utilities or Windows-only issues. Any security issue or major bugfix will be supported in Cloud as soon as possible. 

PHP Version Support Timeline

MODX Cloud removes PHP versions approximately six months after PHP.net’s supported versions timeline end of life (EOL). The following table summarizes the PHP version support in MODX Cloud:

PHP  In Cloud  PHP EOL  Removed from Cloud
5.4.x  2012  3 Sep 2015  23 Jul 2015
5.6.x  23 Jul 2015  31 Dec 2018  1 Jul 2018
7.1.x  2 Feb 2017 with new version switcher support  1 Dec 2019  planned 1 Jun 2020 
7.2.x  Jul 2019  30 Nov 2020  TBD
7.3.x  Jul 2019   6 Dec 2021  TBD  
7.4.x  TBD     



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