Multiple Databases or Additional Database for a Cloud

At this time, each MODX Cloud instance has a single database. Some customers would like to be able to have additional databases or use custom data with their MODX Cloud.

There are two options to handle this: 

  1. Prefixed tables in the same database
  2. Flex Cloud on the same Cloud Platform/Datacenter

Prefixed Tables in Same Database

If you want to keep your custom data separate, you can easily add your new tables using a consistent table prefix. By default, MODX Cloud's MODX tables use the modx_ prefix. Any new data tables you want to add, could use it's own prefix such as customapp_ and these tables would be separate. 

Flex Cloud on the Same Datacenter Platform

Before creating separate Flex Cloud, you may wish to consider that a separate database in on the same platform will see little or no performance difference over prefixed tables. If you decide to have your data in a separate database, you can create a Flex Cloud instance to use the database.  Since MySQL is in the same place on each platform, all you'll need are the database credentials to point to the new database. Here's how: 

  1. For the site that will reference the new/additional database, you'll first need to determine what data center and platform it is in. You can do this by finding the Cloud URL. It is located in your MODX Cloud Dashboard on the Summary page of the Cloud Edit View. The Cloud URL looks like: The first part of the URL is the Cloud Number, the second is the platform number and the 3rd is the data center. 
  2. Then, from the top of the Cloud Dashboard, click the New Cloud button to visit the New Cloud creation page 
  3. Select Flex Cloud by clicking the Flex Cloud box
  4. Select the Datacenter for the new cloud so it matches yours and complete the other details
  5. Once you've completed the Flex Cloud creation, you can find the credentials on the Cloud Edit view. 

Data Centers with Multiple Platforms (AMS and TX)

At this time, two of our data center locations have more than one platform: Texas and Amsterdam.


If the site you wish to connect to has a site hosted in Amsterdam, you may need to create Flex Clouds a couple times until the platform number matches. E.g., if your site has a Cloud URL of, you may get a Flex Cloud of and since these are on different platforms, you will not just be able to connect to the MySQL database. 


If the site you wish to connect to is hosted in Texas, i.e.,, currently Clouds are being created on our Texas 3 platform only. If the site is not on Texas 3, you will not be able to create a Cloud on Texas 1 or two. If it is hosted on Texas 3, you will be able to create a Flex Cloud on Texas 3 and it will work just fine. For help with creating a cloud on another of the Texas platforms, please contact support.


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