Send a Cloud to another MODX Cloud Account

Send a Copy of a Site to a Client's or Colleague's Account in MODX Cloud

Sending a Cloud instance does not copy over web rules, Add-ons including custom domains, or robots.txt configurations. Those have to be manually redone in the destination Cloud at this time.
  1. Go to Cloud Edit View for the Cloud that you wish to share. (To get there, choose Edit Cloud from the grid on the Clouds page.)

  2. Click Send Cloud, located in the right-hand navigation bar.

  3. Enter the Account and Snapshot Name into the Send Cloud dialog.

    Account is the name of the account that you wish to send a snapshot of this Cloud to. (As displayed in the top navigation bar of that account, or in your dropdown list of accounts.)

    The Snapshot Name you enter will be the name of this snapshot in the Vault of the account you are sharing to.

  4. Click the Send Cloud button. A confirmation message will be displayed to let you know that the snapshot is on it's way.

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    Paul Harker

    Will the new instructions for transferring clouds apply to dev to stage to production cloud transfers within the same MODX Cloud account as well? Or, as in my case, apply to transferring to another MODX Cloud account only?

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    Ryan Thrash

    Hi Paul,

    Typically send cloud is used to move a site from one account to another. Clouds within one account for dev/stage/production usually would just use normal Snapshots, possibly with custom templates depending on the application.

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