Access Instances with SFTP & SSH

Using SSH and SFTP

MODX Cloud provides access to SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) and SSH (Secure Shell) (only on paid plans) for more advanced functions on your Cloud instances.

SSH is a way to connect to your MODX Cloud server using a Secure Shell client such as Terminal on Mac/Unix or PuTTY, or similar, on Windows. These clients allow you to run advanced commands and applications such as curl, tar, crontab and mysql. 

SFTP is a secure method to connect to your MODX Cloud server to manage and upload files and other assets such as images using an FTP Client such as FileZilla on Mac/Linux or Windows or Cyberduck (Mac/Windows). There is also a FireFTP Client for the Firefox Browser. Some web development tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver, SublimeText, Atom and PHP Storm also include or have FTP Client capabilities.

The SSH/SFTP information for each of your Clouds is located in the SSH/SFTP section at the bottom of the Cloud Edit page.

  1. Screen_Shot_2021-05-13_at_6.38.13_PM.png

    From the Clouds page, locate the Cloud for which you wish find the SSH/SFTP information for. Click on the actions cog at the right on the display grid and click Edit.


  2. Screen_Shot_2021-05-13_at_6.28.06_PM.png

    At the Cloud Edit page, scroll to the bottom, past the General Information section to the SSH/SFTP information. For security reasons, the information is hidden by default and is shown by clicking the button that says Show Details.


  3. Open your (S)FTP client of choice for SFTP connections or your favorite command-line tool to connect via SSH. Each of these tools will give you options for connecting to a server.

  4. For SSH clients such as Terminal without connection wizards, you'll enter the information as shown below, and will be prompted for the password.

    $ ssh
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