Moving the MODX core in MODX Cloud

MODX developers sometimes move the core directory outside of the web root and/or rename it as part of securing a MODX Revolution installation. However, this is not necessary in MODX Cloud because we prevent public web access to the core directory at the server level. In fact, moving the core in MODX Cloud will break MODX Cloud features for MODX Revolution websites. 

Cloud Features Depend on the core Location

MODX Revolution features like Snapshots, Upgrades, Reinstalls and Manager User creation requires the default core directory location. In addition, files outside of the www directory are not part of the backup profiles. Any files, including the core, would not be part of an automated or manual backup.

If you want to have a custom deployment of MODX Revolution, do so in a Flex Cloud. However please be aware that you will not be able to take advantage of MODX Cloud features such as MODX upgrades and snapshots.

Have Questions About Securing Your Site in MODX Cloud?

If you have questions about improving the security of your MODX Cloud website, please feel free to send a request to

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