Error & Access Logs

Where to find MODX, PHP and nginx error logs, and web server access logs, for troubleshooting your MODX sites.

MODX Manager Error Logs

The MODX Manager error log often includes useful information about problems that Snippets or Plugins may be experiencing. To see it, you have to have a MODX Manager login, with the correct permissions. In MODX version 2.3.x and later, the MODX Error Log can be found in the Manage > Reports > Error Log menu item.

Server Error Logs

It is often useful to watch error logs as you visit different sections of your site while troubleshooting. Using the SSH information listed at the bottom of the Summary tab of the Cloud in question, SSH into your cloud using a command line tool such as Terminal/terminal (OSX/Linux) or PuTTy (Windows).

To see the last 50 PHP errors and warnings printed to the terminal, use the following command:

tail -n50 /log/error.log

To "follow" your log, so you can watch new lines added to the log in realtime, use the -f flag:

tail -f /log/error.log

Stop following by pressing Ctrl+c.

You can combine the -n and -f flags as well:

tail -fn50 /log/error.log

PHP Error Logs

From a SSH connection, see PHP-related errors and warnings in the PHP error log: /log/error.log

Nginx Error Logs

From a SSH connection, see problems with the web server such as rewrite errors in the nginx error log: /log/nginx_error.log

Web Server Access Logs

If you need a copy of your nginx access logs, request a copy of them for the site in question from the MODX Cloud Dashboard help tab.

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