Blank Manager when Logging In

Sometimes things can go wrong with valid Manager logins that previously worked. One symptom of this is a Blank Manager page after logging in. This is typically due to either a corrupted cache file, or a crashed database table, but it can also be a cookie problem.

Clearing the MODX Cache

There are two ways to clear the cache:

  • Login via SSH and delete the contents of the <pre>core/cache/</pre> directory
  • Use the “Reinstall Product” button in the MODX Cloud Dashboard for the instance in question

Either of these options should be equally effective.

Repairing Crashed Database Tables

If you are familiar with command line mysql tools, you can SSH into your instance and use those there. Alternately, phpMyAdmin can be used to repair crashed tables:

  1. Install phpMyAdmin and log in 
  2. Open the Database which needs to be repaired
  3. Select the tables that need to be repaired. These may show a value in the Overhead column. Login failures are typically due to crashed modx_session tables. Check the boxes next to the tables you wish to repair.
  4. At the bottom under the checkboxes, from the “With selected:” select list, choose the “Repair table” option.

Did this Occur After Upgrade to 2.5.x?

Do you know if had the Google Analytics Dashboard widget installed? If you do have it installed or if you're not sure this is something to check. There is a problem with this Extra that can break your Manager after login. To solve this you'll need to do the following: 

  1. Install phpMyAdmin and log in
  2. Open the Database for the Cloud in question. 
  3. Find the table called modx_dashboard_widget. 
  4. Find the row with a reference to Google Analytics dashboard widget.
  5. Remove/Delete the row. 
  6. Try to login to the Manager

If All Else Fails…

Clear your cookies and cache for the site. If that doesn’t work, it's time to open a ticket.


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