Google Maps Stopped Working

While this isn't specifically an issue for MODX Cloud, we do see a number of customers who have run into the problem of their Google Maps suddenly no longer working.

Google Maps Changes

Starting in 2018, Google changed the way they allow site owners to use Google Maps in their sites. And, recently, they completed the transition to the new system and you are now required to have a billing account set up with Google Cloud. For the vast majority of site owners, Google Maps will remain no-cost. Google provides a $200 monthly credit and it takes a significant amount of traffic to go over that $200.

Verify the Cause

To be sure this is the issue, in your browser, you can use your Web Developer tools Java Script Console to see the error message that Google displays if billing is the reason it has failed.


To find your developer tools in your browser, see this article by Balsamiq on Finding Your Browser's Developer Console.

Get it Working Again

In order to get your Google Map working again, you will need to set up billing and you may also need to set up a project and API key to re-enable Google Maps.

As always, if you need us, please use the Help button in the MODX Cloud Dashboard and ask for assistance.

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