Snapshot Templates

Which Snapshots to Use and When

Snapshot Templates tell MODX Cloud which part of a MODX site you wish to extract and store in your Vault for later use. There are currently 4 Snapshot Template types:

Complete Snapshot Template

The Complete template will extract the entire Cloud instance. It is a clone of the origin site. Complete snapshots will replace all files on the destination Cloud.

Injecting a Complete Snapshot into an existing site will overwrite the entire destination Cloud instance. It may be a good idea to back up the destination Cloud prior to injecting the Snapshot.

Uses for Complete Snapshots

One of the best uses of the Complete Snapshot is for upgrades. You can Snapshot your production site and inject it into another Cloud, upgrade and test it to ensure everything works as expected. 

Additionally, the Complete Snapshot may be used to save a ready-to-use website starting point—a base site with all your extras installed, basic design and content in place. You can reuse this on new or smaller client projects to save time starting from scratch.

You might also a Complete Snapshots include use in a staging to production environment, where you make changes only on the staging server and then migrate those changes to the live or production environment.

Complete snapshots can also be an alternative method of backing up a site before making changes to the live site.

Develop Snapshot Template

The Develop Snapshot Template will extract the entire Cloud instance excluding some System/Context Settings, Manager Logs, Sessions, Transport Packages, and other deployment-sensitive data. The Develop Snapshot will append and update the destination Cloud instance, unlike the Complete which overwrites the entire Cloud instance.

Uses for Develop Snapshots

Develop snapshots are ideal for a dev/staging to production work flow of a single site. For instance, if you have a staging site to which you make changes for previewing before putting into production (your live site), you can take a Develop Snapshot of your staged site. You can then inject that Develop Snapshot into your production Cloud instance and the process will update changes and add any items.

Elements Snapshot Template

The Elements Snapshot Template will extract a snapshot of all Elements, Property Sets, and their related files and data from a MODX Cloud deployment. This includes all files stored in core/components/and assets/. The Elements are amended to the target MODX Cloud deployment upon injection.

Uses for Elements Snapshots

Elements snapshots are perfect for when you want to work on the layout functionality of your site but do not plan on altering any content. If your site managers want to continue to manage content on the production website while you or your team work on the design, you can take a Complete Snapshot of the production site, inject it into a new development Cloud and when done, take an Elements Snapshot to inject back to the original production site.

Users Snapshot Template

The Users Snapshot Template extracts a snapshot of all User data from a MODX Cloud deployment. Includes Users, Profiles, User Settings, User Groups, User Group Roles, and User Group Member data which is amended to the target MODX Cloud deployment upon injection.

Uses for Users Snapshots

There are several uses for Users Snapshots, including capturing the users from your live site to use to test on a development environment. Additionally, you could use a Users Snapshot to capture all the users to inject into an entirely new site for a new website.

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