Why SSL & Developing with SSL in MODX Cloud for Free


Websites using HTTPS (commonly called “SSL”) are increasingly valuable. MODX Cloud makes it possible to both test with and implement HTTPS on any of your Clouds.

  • Google ranks sites using HTTPS higher, all other things being equal
  • HTTPS is served over the HTTP/2 protocol by our servers
  • Your visitors are more likely to trust pages and sites using HTTPS

Developing and Testing with HTTPS

If you plan to serve your site via HTTPS, it is best to develop and test using HTTPS from the beginning. This will help prevent finding certificate warning errors before moving to a live site.

You can test any Cloud instance without installing a custom Certificate using the standard Cloud Address (the one that starts with c followed by four numbers), e.g., https://c0000.paas1.tx.modxcloud.com.

For Clouds created before July 1, 2015, to enable SSL you have to update their nginx configuration. An easy way to do this is to add a comment to the top of its Web Rules, e.g., # This is a comment.

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