Install an Existing Certificate or Using a Self-generated CSR

All SSL Certificates in MODX Cloud must be in the Apache/NGINX/PEM format.

To install an existing certificate, use the following directions:

  1. In the MODX Cloud dashboard, locate the Cloud you need upload the newly purchased SSL certificate to, from the list of Clouds
  2. Click on the Cloud name to view the Cloud Edit screen
  3. Click on the Add-ons Tab and locate the SSL section where you'll be presented with the Let's Encrypt certificate, initially
  4. Screenshot_2017-03-22__11_38_AM.pngClick the link to switch to custom SSL and it will toggle to the view for adding your own certificate
  5. Click Upload and Install Certificate
  6. Paste the complete certificate into the top field
  7. Paste your private key (from when the CSR was created) into the bottom field
  8. Click Upload Certificate to complete

Once the above steps are complete, your SSL Certificate should be active within a few minutes.

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